When the orthodontic treatment prompts the timing of the implant treatment: a clinical case. - ROS - 2012 - Tome 41 - N°1


Pages 48 to 59

Drapeau de la France
Present-day and modern orthodontics gives elderly patients access to these treatments. Analysis of a complex clinical case
highlights on the latest technologies used and their advantages in the prosthetic implant treatment.
The patient is 62-year-old that is predominantly edentulous with only the mandibular teeth (44 to 35) remaining in the
mandibular arch. These teeth are very unaesthetic because they are extruded and separated. The periodontiumis weakened but sufficient.
The implant propositions in the edentulous zones were accepted by the patient with a simultaneous proposition of an
aesthetic solution for the anterior teeth. A custom-made multi-attachment appliance coupled with forces applied by miniscrews allows recentering of the teeth in the dental arch before implant placement.
This article is a step-by-step clinical observation of the treatment. It identifies the alternative solutions, the timing of the
different practitioners, materials used and the patient's impression.