Extraction of decidious teeth: do’s and don’ts - ROS - 2018 - Tome 47 - N°3


Pages 291 to 315

Drapeau de la France

OBJECTIVE: providing dental surgeons a guide to good practice for extractions of temporary teeth aiming at avoiding or limiting orthodontic disorders in permanent teeth.

METHOD: through clinical cases and literature review, the authors will illustrate the indications and the contre-indications for extractions of deciduous teeth in order to facilitate a future orthodontic treatment.

CONCLUSION: extractions of temporary teeth may be an interceptive procedure in orthodontics, by positive modifying the tooth eruption process. Indeed, removing a deciduous tooth can allow to lift a barrier to eruption, to re-orientate the eruption axis of a tooth germ or to foster movements of other teeth on the arch. The difficulty is to know in which cases this therapeutic procedure is necessary, because many factors need to be taken into account and removing deciduous teeth can also aggravate or create orthodontic disorders.

Authors : P. TUIL, J. ARNAL