Mandibular retrognathia: early treatment or late treatment? - ROS - 2018 - Tome 47 - N°3


Pages 276 to 290

Drapeau de la France

Objective. Reviewing the main elements for the diagnosis of a mandibular retrognathia class II. Providing insights to assess the relevance of early treatment. 

Method. The analysis of recent data of the literature compared with their clinical experience allowed the authors to show that interception of mandibular retrognathia class II frequently results in a relapse and does not seem effective to correct this defect. However, early treatment of mandibular retrognathia may be indicated to protect maxillary incisors from a risk of trauma or to improve a young patient’s quality of life when there are pain and aesthetic damage.

Conclusion. Interceptive treatment for all the cases of mandibular retrognathia class II is not relevant. An accurate diagnosis will allow the practitioner to identify the patients who must be treated early and those for whom the intervention must be postponed.

Authors : A. BOUTON, M. DEVIOT