Functions, dysfunctions, parafunctions: faciliting the harmonious development of facial structures? - ROS - 2018 - Tome 47 - N°3


Pages 196 to 210

Drapeau de la France

ABSTRACT — The growth of facial bones depends on genetic factors (genotype) but the development of the orofacial structures is subjected to the influence of surrounding factors such as the neuromuscular behavior (phenotype) during the various functions.

A deviation or a delay in maturation of these functions can generate osseous and alveolar constraints which may modify the position of teeth and aggravate maxillofacial dysmorphosis.

We can differentiate the dysfunctions in ventilation, deglutition, mastication, phonation and posture but also the parafunctions such as thumb suction, facial spasms, bruxism.

Preventive orthodontic therapeutics based on an accurate diagnosis can facilitate the harmonious development of dentofacial structures.

Authors : F. BALLY