Impact of nursing staff training on oral and prosthetic hygiene in EHPAD (French nursing homes for dependent elderly people) - ROS - 2018 - Tome 47 - N°2

Santé publique

Pages 146 to 157

Drapeau de la France

ABSTRACT — The oral hygiene of the EHPAD elderly residents is clearly not a priority. However, it is one of the key elements for a good general health. A poor oral hygiene will have a lot of harmful consequences resulting in undernutrition which may itself provoke fatal health issues. 

Providing a proper training to the nursing staff can improve the situation. Confronted to this fact and wishing to help caregivers become aware of the importance of oral hygiene, six students in their 6th year at the dental faculty of Nice have chosen to spend their shifts of general interest in an EHPAD and, with the help of a hospital-university assistant, conducted an 8-week action, one half-day a week, in a nursing home of the Alpes-Maritimes (located inVence, EHPAD Les Cayrons - ORPEA) with the help of the doctor coordinator of the EHPAD. 

To this end, it was decided to create a course dedicated to oral hygiene, intended to train the nursing staff, and then to assess its impact on the staff’s level of knowledge, as well as on the oral state of the 78 residents of the EHPAD. 

This training course included slide shows, a movie as well as practical demos. It will eventually be validated and taken into all the EHPAD owned by the ORPEA group. 

During this study, a system of automated cleaning for dentures developed by C2S was also tested.