Adhesive systems: evolution and efficiency - ROS - 2018 - Tome 47 - N°1

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Pages 77 to 85

Drapeau de la France

As the 60th birthday of adhesive dentistry developed with the first studies of Dr Michael Buonocore, known as the pioneer of the discipline, was recently celebrated, it seems relevant and interesting to review the evolution and the efficiency of the different types of adhesive currently available on the market.

The enamel is essentially a mineralized and acellular tissue while dentin is characterized by the presence of considerable organic and aqueous phases. If the adhesion of resins to enamel has been proven, bonding to dentin generates different clinical attitudes and still remains a controversial matter.

The most recent evolutions of adhesive systems are aiming at a simplification of the procedure protocols. But at the same time, practitioners may be confused by the pace and the quantity of new systems while preserving the former systems. Therefore, reviewing the evolution of the current adhesive systems and their clinical applications seems necessary.