Assessing the mandibular position in ICP (Inter Cuspation Position) - ROS - 2017 - Tome 46 - N°3-4


Pages 188 to 196

Drapeau de la France

During the first consultation of a patient presenting signs of TMD, it is frequent to notice an adjustment of the mandibular position near intercuspation. Often imperceptible by the patient, this shift is the result of harmful guides due to malocclusion - overeruption, crossbite, migrations, uncompensated edentulations - which puts the mandible in an unstable position. These shifts can result in a transversal decentering of the TMJ associated to asymmetric muscular contractions intended to re-create the stabilization of intercuspation. It can be also a mandibular retrusion, particularly in Class II, due to an altered posterior stabilization.

Authors : JEAN-FRANÇOIS CARLIER. Ex-assistant Faculté de chirurgie dentaire de Reims. Chirurgien-dentiste. Docteur en chirurgie dentaire.