Orthodontics in the service of prosthetics: illustration of 3 clinical cases of a successful ortho-perio-prosthetic collaboration. - ROS - 2012 - Tome 41 - N°1


Pages 33 to 47

Drapeau de la France
Adult orthodontic treatments have considerably developed in these past years. All the more, that we have at our disposal a formidable tool that allows performing invisible treatments. Exactly replying to the aesthetic demands of our patients, lingual orthodontics allows general practitioners, through teamwork with orthodontists, to widen their treatment possibilities, to have more ambitious objectives with the goal of having a more satisfying general rehabilitation.
These three clinical cases presented are examples of the collaboration between the general practitioner/orthodontists that is simple but essential, without which the practitioner would not be able to do the prosthesis and thus reply to the demands of their patients.