Mini-screws in orthodontics: contribution of the 3D Cone Beam in the surgical technique. - ROS - 2011 - Tome 40 - N°4


Pages 293 to 302

Drapeau de la France
Since several years, mini-screws are used as intra osseous temporary anchorage. These skeletal anchorages have been introduced as a response to insufficient patient compliance, lack of anchorages units, avoid parasite effects. The range of indications has been extended so that this technique became part of therapeutic tools without replacing other conventional anchorage systems. Froma surgical point of view, and in spite of apparent placing simplicity, we need assessment about best positioning ofmini-screws. The purpose of this presentation is to compare 2D and 3D controls in order to display connections with anatomical and dental structures.We will point themovements generated by orthodontic treatments usingmini screws ; and try to determine criteria's of mini screws placement based upon orthodontic and surgical considerations.
Authors : CH. LESAGE