Adult orthodontics according to Dr. Jean-Stéphane Simon. - ROS - 2012 - Tome 41 - N°1


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Drapeau de la France
Jean-StéphaneSimon was an assistant in Orthodonticsat theFaculty of Marseille. In2003, together with Robert Garciaand Dirk Wiechmann, he took part in the creation of theUniversity Diploma in Clinical Lingual Orthodontics at ParisVII.With a private practice inMarseille, he is one of the most sought-after practitioners in the treatment of adults by lingual orthodontics. It was during his lecture at the SOP meeting dedicatedto orthodontic retreatment that the journalwishedtopresenthis opinionon adult orthodontics. Christian Knellesen who has known J-S Simon's for a long time accepted to conduct theinterview. Christian Knellesen was a Professor at the Faculty of Paris V. He is also the Founding President of the National College of Occlusodontics.