Focusing on the mini-screw and orthodontic anchorage - ROS - 2011 - Tome 40 - N°3


Pages 204 to 221

Drapeau de la France
The recent introduction of a new system of intra-osseous anchoring called the mini-screw revolutionized the clinical and biomechanical approach in orthodontic anchorage. This therapeuticmethod complements but does not replace conventional anchoring systems. The indications are numerous: the mini-screws can be used as direct or indirect anchors while strengthening an existing dental anchorage. These mini-screws can be placed in the alveolar bone and are removed at the end of the orthodontic treatment. Minimally invasive, the postoperative result is favorable. At a surgical and orthodontic point of view, it is easy to place with little inconvenience. It is therefore an ideal type of anchorage for uncooperative adults or adolescents.
Authors : Naeda ALEHYANE, Nawal BOUYAHYAOUI, Hicham BENYAHIA, Fatima ZAOUI